Publish Tariffs

You need to have an access token so you can create or update tariffs.
The steps to get a token are described here: How to get your token.

Prior to publishing tariffs, please read the following documentation:

How to publish a Tariff

Once you created your tariffs, and you no longer need to edit or add any products, you have to publish the tariff in order to make it available to the retailer.

You can publish tariffs using the{uuid}/publish API. Its reference is available here: Tariff publish
    "" % tariff_uuid,



Once a tariff is published, you can no longer edit it or add products to it.
If you want to add products, create a new one with those products
If you want to edit a field, you will need to archive the tariff and create a new one from scratch.



Your tariff is now published with the retailer.

API References

Tariff publish