Does SupplierXM provide a generic import template?
Yes. We provide XML and JSON templates which you can find in our attributes documentation along with information on all attributes.

Are certain attributes mandatory?

  • gtin
  • nameLegal or namePublicLong or namePublicShort
  • kind

Are there character limits on some attributes?
Yes. You can find out if a field has character limitations in the Attributes documentation.

What happens if I push data that already exists?
The data will be updated to reflect your most recent push. All the attributes present in the imported payload will override the existing data. On the other hand, if an attribute is not present in the imported payload, that data won't be deleted.

How do I delete attribute data?
All our fields are nullable, which means that, on top of their type, null is also a valid value. By setting a value to null you will delete any previously existing value in that field.

Can I push more than one product per XML/JSON file?
Yes, but we recommend sending a maximum of 500 products per XML or JSON file.

Can I push products from more than one SupplierXM product category per XML/JSON file?
Yes. The SupplierXM product category is defined at the product level and not at the XML or JSON file level.

How frequently can I perform API calls?
We recommend to avoid making more than 2 calls per second.

Can I track the import status?
Yes, you can track your imports by doing an API request with the tracking ID. See Upload Products for detailed instructions.

How do I specify the language of the data?
Some attributes are declinable by language. You will be able to specify the language for these attributes and add data in as many languages as you need. See Declinable fields for detailed instructions.

How do I know which attributes I should provide for a given SupplierXM product category?
You can use the "Product category" filter in the attributes documentation.

What happens if my brand value doesn't match an existing SupplierXM brand?
During the import process, SupplierXM runs a matching service that is not case-sensitive. This applies to the following attributes: brand, subBrandText and brandText.
If this data does not match an existing brand on the platform, the brand will be left empty.

Can I validate an XML import with an XSD per SupplierXM product category?
Unfortunately, this isn't possible at the moment.

What happens if I push a code that doesn't exist in the code list for a given attribute?
This will cause the import to fail for the product.

Can I delete a product?
No, but you can archive your product using the lifeCycle field.

Can I send retailer-specific attributes to retailers?
Yes, you can use the specificData node to push specific attributes to each retailer. See Sharing units for detailed instructions.

What does the error "Cannot create a cycle in the isMadeOf graph" means when importing a product?
You are trying to import a product that references itself in its logistical hierarchy. This error can occur when including the product itself at child level. A product cannot have itself as a child and you should correct the logistical hierarchy before re-importing the product

What does the error "Cannot add another unit on top of already shared hierarchies" means when importing a product?
You are trying to import a product with a new hierarchy in an already shared hierarchy. This error occur when updating an existing listing. If you need to update a shared hierarchy, you should create the new hierarchy and disable the previous one.

What does the error "Missing reference in data" means when importing a product?
You are trying to import a product without giving its reference. This error occur when importing a product with a XML file and not filling the node gtin or productIdentifier. Check the mentioned XML elements before re-importing the product.

Media assets

You can find more information on media assets on the Media assets page.

Are there mandatory attributes for media assets?
Yes,url is a mandatory attribute.

If no isPackshot tag is set to True for any asset linked to the product, is the product still imported?
Yes, but we recommend having at least one packshot for each product.

What happens when assets are stored at a non-public URL?
You can set up a username/password authentication and add the credentials to the asset URL. However, please note that we store these URLs in plain text within our system.

Is there a size limit for assets attached to product pages?
The size limit is 25MB.

What image formats do you support?
We support JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF formats.

Can I delete an asset?
You cannot delete an asset through the API but you can set an expiration date on the asset you want to archive using the fileEffectiveEndDateTime field.


What is needed to create an SFTP account?
The client (manufacturer or retailer) needs to provide the SupplierXM team with a minimum 2048 bits public SSH key. SupplierXM will then create the SFTP account and communicate the credentials to the client.

How long does it take to create an SFTP account?
Less than 24 working hours once the SupplierXM team has been provided with the public SSH key.