First steps: Fetch product content

Step 1 – Fetch all you need to get started

When you create an account on SupplierXM, you will define a login and a password.

Use these credentials to log in to the SupplierXM data model documentation to check the whole list of product data you can get using the API.
The documentation allows you to filter the list of attributes per product category so that you can focus on the data you need. The documentation also describes the format of the product payload returned by our API.

See General API Documentation
(Authentication, examples of JSON results, filters, etc.)

Credentials for your live usage

Live usage credentials are also "client_id" and a "secret_id".

The credentials enable you to authenticate to the SupplierXM API services and get a token. Use the token for all the other services call to get data.
The token manages your access rights scope e.g. access in read-only mode, access in read/write mode, etc.

These credentials are the ones to use. By using them, you will get actual product data according to your credential permissions.

For security means, a token is valid for 30 days. You can regenerate a new token using your credentials. So keep your live credentials secure.

Contact SupplierXM to retrieve your "client_id" and "client_secret".

Step 2 – Authenticate to get your token

Service URL :

Post Parameters and values :

  • client_id: YOUR_CLIENT_ID
  • client_secret: YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET
  • grant_type: client_credentials

Step 3 – Get the list of products

Service URL :

Post Parameters and values :

  • Authorization: Bearer GENERATED_TOKEN

This service enables you to get all the products of all manufacturers that granted you access to their catalog.

You can use additional filters to retrieve a specific product, products that have been updated since a specific date, or to only fetch a list of defined product attributes.