Categories and GPC

Links between SupplierXM Categories and GPC

In order to help users that are not familiar with the GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC), SupplierXM has developed a user-friendly product classification that builds upon it. It enables users to:

  • Easily understand where their products belong
  • Filter the list of available attributes to facilitate data input
  • Adapt quality controls to the product

It is therefore required to select a category before filling in the attributes for the product.

The mapping between so-called GPC bricks and these categories is shown in the following document:

You can consult this document online or download it for your own use. Select a GPC brick to see the corresponding category. Conversely, you can select a category to view all GPC bricks mapped to this category.

Some GPC bricks are too broad to be mapped to a single category. We have mapped such bricks to a corresponding node in the classification. These nodes are identified as "leaf -> no". We recommend choosing a node only if you can't find a leaf that fits your needs.

You will find all SupplierXM categories and their description in the following files.

French file:

English file: