What export formats does SupplierXM provide?
Our standard API format is JSON.
For SFTP formats, please see the dedicated section .
The SFTP and API JSON responses are identical.

What type of information does the standard export provide?
We recommend doing a delta export, which includes all products that have been shared and updated since the last export or a certain date and all newly created products.

SupplierXM provides all attributes that are not empty, not only the ones that were updated.

What is the maximum number of products that can be retrieved using a product list API call?
The maximum is 500 products. If you need to retrieve more products, you can do several successive calls and specify the limit and offset parameters to retrieve the next products available.

You will find more details and best practices on the Retrieve your first product page.

Do you export attributes when the data is empty?
No, unless the attribute was previously shared with a value.

Do you export attributes when they have data, but it is not relevant for the SupplierXM product category?

How are media assets exported?
Media URLs are included in the JSON export of respective products.
For other questions related to media, please visit the Media assets page.


What is the benefit of using an SFTP?
A SupplierXM SFTP account is required if a retailer wants to use a different format from the API JSON.

What is needed to create an SFTP account?
The client (manufacturer or retailer) needs to provide the SupplierXM team with a minimum 2048 bits public SSH key. SupplierXM will then create the SFTP account and communicate the credentials to the client.

How long does it take to create an SFTP account?
Less than 24 working hours once the SupplierXM team has been provided with the public SSH key.

When are exports performed?
They are scheduled. Coordinate with the project team to determine the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Where are the exports saved?
You can locate your exports in the SupplierXM SFTP in the '/download' folder.
Uploading the export to another location is possible, but needs to be configured first.

What export formats does Supplier XM provide?
For SFTP, the standard formats are XML and JSON. For any other format, please ask the SupplierXM team.

How is media exported?
You'll find the media URL in the XML or JSON export of the respective product. The different available URL fields are detailed in the Image attributes section.

Via SFTP or manually, it’s also possible to receive media assets in the following formats:

  • A ZIP file
  • A link sent by email (scheduled on demand, SupplierXM recommends a daily link)

For other questions related to media, please visit the Media assets page.