Salsify SupplierXM documentation

Welcome to SupplierXM's online documentation for advanced integrations 🎉

You will find guides and tutorials to build integrations between SupplierXM, formerly known as Alkemics, and your systems.

Want to get started with our API?

Just follow the quick tutorial in the Getting started section. You will learn the basic methods of our API and discover our data model.


Learn more about the other functionalities in the Fundamentals section. In this section, we will explain the concepts of all the features available in the API.

API documentation and reference

How our API is organized is a summary of all the API methods you can use to interact with the basic and advanced features. For each feature, you will find links to the API references describes all the avilable API methods.

Data Model

Understanding our data model is a page where the data model is described and explained. And the Attributes page gives you a detailed description of the fields used in your data model.


If you have any question, you can have a look at the FAQ section :

For Partners

Discover the What we do section.