Product inbound tracking API can give you information on the integration of data made with upsert API.

Here is what you can find on the payload:

createdAt: Date on which the import was made.
status: Global status of the file can take the value:

  • EMPTY: No product was found in the given payload
  • IN_PROGRESS: Import still in progress
  • ERROR: There was an error related to the payload format. No product was imported (see "message" for more information)
  • CONTAINS_ERRORS: Payload format is correct but some products were not properly integrated due to integration errors, see "products"
  • SUCCESS: Everything went well :)
  • TIMEOUT: Import process failed. Contact Salsify support.

message: In case of status ERROR you will find detail about what went wrong.
user & organization: Information on who made the call.
count: Number of products in the payload.
products: List of product by gtin that were in the payload + their integration status (SUCCESS or ERROR). In case of ERROR you will find more detail under the message key.
endpoint: API in case of a write made by upsert or IMPORT in case of file import.

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