API URL change

In line with our transition from Alkemics to Salsify, we’re changing the URL used for requests to our APIs and SFTP:

apis.alkemics.com is now apis.supplierxm.salsify.com
sftp.alkemics.com is now sftp.supplierxm.salsify.com

The new URLs are available as of now.
The old URLs will remain available until June 30, 2023. If you are using them, we encourage you to plan for this change in your systems before that date.

The SupplierXM API is based on REST. JSON is returned by all API responses. All our API uses SSL protocol. Default HTTPS port 443 is used by default. Please do not add the port details in your host name as our servers close the connection when port details are present in the host name.

To make our API documentation as interactive as possible, you can make requests to our API endpoints with user credentials.

If you haven't signed up on our platform yet, go to https://app.supplierxm.salsify.com/#/signup to create your account.